A Clutch of Cables ?

Have you ever wondered what the collective noun for a group of cables is ?  I never had either, but here, as I face the amazing assortment of cables and bits a pieces that I need to take to NZ to power and plug together all my gadgets, I feel that if there is not already a word for it, then someone had damn well better invent one… and soon.

I didn’t think I was being over the top… but as I start to pack, the ever increasing pile of technical paraphernalia is threatening to overwhelm the rest of my luggage and is looking like taking up a significant proportion of my suitcase.  Here’s what I need :

  1. laptop & power adapter/charger
  2. mobile phone & charger
  3. digital camera & charger & laptop connector cable
  4. Video camera & charger & connection cable
  5. External Speakers & cables
  6. Headset & cable
  7. Digital TV USB & cable & antenna
  8. USB Drive
  9. Cable lock for laptop

All in all a staggering collection of nearly a dozen different cords and cables..Here is a photo….

You know… I’m really starting to appreciate my Cordless Bluetooth Mouse.

On reflection, and looking at the pile of cables in front of me, I’d like to suggest that the collective noun for a group of cables should be called …. a “clutter”….A Clutter of Cables sounds just about right to me.

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