Today was an opportunity to the consolidate relationships established over the last few days between the GI Team and the St Judes kids…

We were joined by around 50 of the form3,4 and 5 St Judes kids, and started off with some team building exercise – essentially fun group “play” activities designed to break the ice, and encourage friendship & cooperation. These challenges were taken up with enthusiasm and a fantastic time was had by all.

We also did our first “Aint No Mountain High Enough” practice session – culminating in a pretty polished run though.

After lunch we were treated to a couple of African Culture “lessons” presented by the St Judes kids – with an emphasis on Learning, Fun, and Interaction. We learnt about the history of the Swahili Language… and some useful phrases (which are actually pretty easy to say.. but just damn hard t remember)… e.g.

  • Hello – Jambo or Habari (more formal)
  • Cool – Poa or Nzuri (more formal)
  • Thanks / Thankyou – Asante
  • Yes – Ndio
  • No – Hapana
  • No Worries – Hakuna Matata
  • Beautiful – Mzuri
  • Nice – Nzuri
  • May I take your Photo – Naomba Kukupiga Picha

We were also presented with a session on the “strengths” of and differences between some of the local tribes (there are more than 200 different tribal groups in Tanzania alone). Even though historically many tribes fought fierce battles between each other, these days they all pretty much get on , but there is a fierce loyalty but also a friendly rivalry between them (much like the Aussie/Kiwi relationship I suppose). Here is a little of what we learnt :

Meru Tribe – Arusha’s predominate tribe and based around the Mt Meru area… Fierce, Strong warriors – most known for chopping of heads and burying missionaries alive apparently

Iraqw Tribe – descended from Ethiopia and widely recognised as having the most beautiful women in Africa… Are generally peaceful but will defend with a vengeance if attacked… Make great use of Cattle… for Food, Clothing, Transportation, and even using the manure to make mud bricks for houses.

Chaga Tribe – based around Mt Killiminjaro… Renown for being short, great traders and VERY money focused – never missing an opportunity to make or save a dollar. They have a staple diet of bananas and have many different ways I can be served, and make a fermented banana beer called “Mbege”

Maasai Tribe – probably Africa’s most well known tribe – lead a semi nomadic pastoral “existence. Fierce and proud warriors, with lots of tradition about “becoming a man”