I had an early start and left Thames in the dark at 05:45 because I wanted to get to the top of the Choromandel Peninsula
for sunrise…  In doing so I missed the best of a spectatular drive along the western coastline, with the road squeezed between the mountains and the sea… but I did manae to get a decent view.  I managed to get to the top of the range (just past Cromandel Town) just after sunrise…

It was not unfortunatey the best surise (too may clouds) – but a great view nonetheless.

The rest o the drive to Hot Water Beach (my stopover tonight) was great – with plenty of photo opportunities (and stops) along the way.  From fishermen heading out for the day at Kuaotunu, to great scenery (almost everywhere), to cows filing in to be milked… and culiminating with an awesome (but exhausting ) trek to Cathedral Cove.