Day 1 Brisbane – Christchurch – Geraldine

Well… day one over… the boys are off to bed … and I’ll not be far behind… knackered with a splitting headache.

Arrived at Brisbane airport 7:30am… the place was mobbed .. start of the school holidays I guess, but surprisingly managed to get on the short queues, for checkin, security AND customs … awesome… Had a quick breakfast (bacon and Egg roll – YUM !!!) and had time for a quick game of Uno before  the flight boarded… Everyone boarded with 10 mintes to spare… well nearly everyone  (of course) … Had to wait for 1 guy to show … and he never did… so then had to wait for his luggage to be taken off… then just as we were ready to leave, one of the onboard passengers was feeling ill and decided that they wanted off… so then we had to wait all over again while their luggage was found and removed….  hmmm… the joys of flight…. 

Anyway – took off 45 minutes late… the boys hired a DVD gadget on the plane and watched a chipmunks DVD. The landing in Christchurch was most unusual … the run in was the biggest roller coaster ride I’ve ever been on – big dips, and then big power climbs… 1st run aborted and we did a low level circuit for another go…. which went fine  (had quit an interesting scenic tour of Chrstchurch).  Breezed through baggage and customs again and got the shuttle to Britz to pick up the camper.  Had a bit of a wait here – they were particularly busy… but 45 minutes, and couple of hot choclates later (the boyz loved these and almost didn’t wan’t want to leave, we were on our way…

The camper is pretty cool… feels a bit strange to drive at first, but is pretty easy…. Had a bit of fun trying to work out the automatic (my first automatic gearbox ever – and wasn’t sure how to start or reverse for a while)… also some fun and games working out the lights.  Stopped en-route for a light snack and then straight on to Geraldine  where we arrived 7:30ish.  Staright out to dinner at a local resataurant – which was nice – but not great – (Jamie had some mushroom pasta that he really enjoyeD).  Then back to the camper to sort out luggage and bedding.  LOL – Way to much stuff and not enough space … God know how 4 adults could squeeze in here… I guess it will take us a couple of days to sort out the logistics… but it will all be fine I’m sure. Watched  a DVD and then settled in to bed.

All the locals are super friendly…. Looking forward to seeing the countryside tomorrow (it was mostly dark on the drive down – apart from some spectatular views of the mountains in the distance).

It was a beuatiful day today… cool but not cold … dropped down a bit tonight, but more refreshing than anything….

Anyway – bye for now … off to bed for a well deserved rest and looking forward to tomorrow….

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  1. glen

    Intgeresting to hear about the logistics of travel and getting a campa – Fancy yhou never having driven an automatic – I can’t beleive that.
    You were unlucky having to wait for two lots of luggage to be taken off the plane before deprting Brissy.
    You didn’t say anything about Christchurch – and what was the country like? Did you write this on Sunday – It is now monday morning.
    I forgot that I had to go to the website to find your blog was sort of waiting for it to come like email.
    Sunday I most jujst caught up with the newspapers.
    Bye for today G

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