Day 2 – Geraldine to Dunedin

Had a surprisingly comfortable sleep, and woke at 8:00am…. pretty much headed off straight away down the road to Dunedin – a 233km trip that Google reckons should take us 3 and a bit hours…..Took me a while to work out how to start the Diesel engine (needed to be pre-warmed – which I didn’t have to do yesterday) – but with some advice from a friendly camper, were soon on our way. Planned to pick up groceries along the way (which we did at Pack and Save at Timaru) and stopped for brekky in a creek bed about 10k south.

The creeks/rivers here are amazing – the beds are very wide and full of pebbles, with a number of different streams running through them – I guess as a result of snow melt – sometimes they are probably in full flow, but the rest of the year the course of the river changes back and forth across the bed…

The countryside is fabulous – very green and divided by amazing hedges/wind breaks about 20ft high and most of them trimmed immaculately.  Mostly grazing country today . with lots of cattle … and yes … sheep of course.  There are loads of new calves and lambs – and they are very cute.

Stopped at a number of places on the way down… the most spectaular was the Moeraki Boulders – amazing perfectly round boulders scatterd on the sandy beach – very mysterious and alien looking… I’ve taken lots of photos and will add some to the Gallery when I get a chance (perhaps even later tonight).

Arrived in Dunedin around 1:30 and drove around a bit to find the campsite.  I’m still coming to terms with the automatic and at one stage went for the brake with my left foot… and because I usuaully use the clutch with the left planted it… fortunately we weren’t going very fast, but I managed to send dRory (who was sitting in the back of the camper) flying the whole lentgh of the van … he got a fright (as did I) and a few bumps, but fortunately nothing serioius.

Checked into the motor park – it is fabulous… all very new and clean… had a pretty nice relaxing afternoon- all had nice long hot showers, settled down to read for a bit (the boys played on the computer of course).  I cooked pasta for dinner, and we settled down to watch a DVD before bed.

Not quite as tired as last night… but still looking forward to bed … Hard work these holidays ….

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  1. glen

    Good to hear about the countryside. I am very surprised about the countryside being manicured – trimmed hedges or windbreaks. Is this because every part of it is actually inhabited property or because the people behave like the English – you know a lansccape of hedges. You are very naughty not having everyone in seat belts while travelling. It is so funny that you are having trouble with automatic – It happened to me when I used to get a replacement car while mine was being surviced. I suppose it is a bit strange – Jo seems to think automatic is wonderful. Also people seem to be buying deisel cars so I must talk to you about these two things if I plan to buy a new car. How much of your trip is inland and how much beach do you see.? What are the citries like and how large compared to our cities?
    Our stock market went up 190 again today – ON Sunday night the Govt decided to stop all short selling for 30 days. Don’t know if we should sell out our shares before that time is up – guess we will watch what hapaens in the meantime.

  2. Jamie

    The first couple of days we travelled down the east coast… but slightly inland so didn’t see much of the water. The beaches are snady with lots of shells… and although the weather has been very mild – there have been very few people on the beaches.

    The hedges are more for protecting the livestock and crops from the wind. But it does have a very english/scottish feel to it …particularly the cities which feel VERY quaint and scottish.

    Most of the towns are very small. Dunedin is very steep and is the biggest so far …


    p.s. Rory says that they can’t find the seatbelts (not sure if I agree with him though)

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