Day 6 – Te Anau to Queenstown

Planned to have a relatively lazy day today, with a short drive (170k) to Queenstown.  We had a 7:30 start and stopped along the way again for breakfast and at a couple of other places for a look (e.g. Devils Staircase – where Rory nearly got blown off a cliff). 

Arrived in Queenstown around 11:00 but couldn’t check in until 13:00, so parked downton and had a wander around the shops – but managed not to spend any money (except for for the “Remarkable Lollly Shop” – and Rory of course – who can’t keep away from the souvenir shops).

Checked into Top 10 – it’s very nice , but not quite as new as the last couple we have stayed in (and quite a bit more expensive @ $58 a night).  Caught the Gondola up to the top, and had a fabulous few rides on the luge each – awesome fun !!!! Will try to do it again if we get a chance. 

At Rory’s suggestion we also had a quick look at the Bungy jumping – He was desperate to give it a go…. so I felt that I should too.  I thought that he may pull out of it, but he was amazingly confident (even the operators commented on it), and enjoyed it so much he would have loved to have done it again straight away… but now has his eyes set on the 134m jump…  We’ve got the DVD so may get a chance to post it.

Kiwi Haka was interesting – a nice insight into Maori Culture – and funny to see Rory up learning to use the Poi.

Quiet night in – Nachos for Dinner – and watched Top Gear Challenges on DVD – which was hilarious – have not laughed so much for ages.

Full Day Dart River excursion scheduled for tomorrow and a very early start planned.

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  1. glen

    Wow all so interesting to read. It certainly is a different culture than Australia – Rory is going to be a risk taker like you!!!! Does sound like terrific fun all but the bungy jumping. I and Elizabeth wrote our comments at her place last night but she has just told me that they didn’t seem to go so she will do it here tonight – they are coming over for tea.
    Did you get my message to let me know when yhou arrive at the airport in Brissy

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