Day 7 – Queenstown

Very early start today – 6:30 for our full day Dart River Funyak Safari – a 1.5hr Jet boat ride, followed by a few hours kayaking safari.  However, the rain started in earnest at 0500 and was VERY cold, so I was a bit concerned that it would be a cold, wet, miserable day.  As it happend the tour was cancelled – none of the Jet boats (including Shotover) could operate in these conditions – so – we though a lazy day in was in order.  around 0900 it started snowing heavily which was just lovely.

We weren’t able to get on tomorrows Dart tour either – so loooks like we will have to save that for next time.

We went and had a quick game of (indoor) mini golf before driving out to Arrowtown,  The drive out was fabulous – much heavier snow in this area and everything was sparkling and white.  On the way back we stoppped by the road for the obligatory snow fight and made a snowman – carrot nose, tomato eyes and all.  Stoppped in at Shotover, and their rides were back on – so are booked in to do that this afternoon. Kewl !!!

Update : Shotover was fabulous – because of all the rain (and snow) the flow was pretty high (approx 4 x the average) and we had a great run…. the boys got soaked – but I managed to stay almost completely dry…. very glad we had a chance to do this before leaving Queenstown.

Decidied that we would move on to Wanaka and stay there for tomorrow nights… and then start edging back towards Christchurch.

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  1. glen


    Liz here. I found myself ooohhing and ahhing with dissapointment at missing the funyaks then wowing at you getting snow in Queenstown!! How fantastic!!!!! You know we have never been able to get to Doubtful Sound because of the weather so there is always something for next time 🙂

    What did you think of the shot over jet…very cool hey!!!

    Did you like Arrowtown? – Very quant isn’t it? Did you see the pet goat? I kept calling it a pussy and it behaved accordingly :)Until iyt tried to eat Duncan’s pants 🙁

    WE are listening to Seekers – just has spring roles for dinner.Looking forward to seeing you when you arre back…here’s mum!

    It was great to tread through your adventures with Eliz after hearing the tales she told of her NZ trip. I am evenwondering if I might want to do NZ one day.

    I received your email of flight information on Wednesday afternoon so I will park and come in probably about half hour after your arrival time.

    We probably won’t be responding to the next few days blogs because we will in Noosa until Tuesday night. Jo will be back from Barrie’s on Sujnday night so she can take kup the slack. You will lhave to send her instructions about how to do it.
    Lots a luv to the three boys.

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