Day 9 – Wanaka to Christchurch

Planned today to just start driving towards Christchurch – stopping along the way, and see how far we got.  I expected to get no further than Fairlie – but, even with 3 or 4 stops, we found ourselves there at 12:30 – so decided to keep going onto Chrstchurch – another couple of hours.

Considered the scenic route to Christchurch – via Mount Hutt.. but this would have added another hour or two to the journey – and the boys (and I) were a bit over driving, so we came straight through…. and eventually found Top 10 (the map they provide is atrocious).  Christchurch is so much bigger than any of the other towns/cities we’ve been in – not sure of the population, but it seems to go on forever.

Got settled into our site – the grounds and amenities are mostly new and very nice and the boys disappeared for an hour or so cheking it all out.  We managed to get to a wildlife tour this evening – and saw Kiwis (thought it would be a shame not to see them at all).

We have a full day in Christchurch tomorrow – and I think we will try to go paintballing and have a drive to Akaroa (about 1 1/2 Hrs) – which is supposed to have plenty of activities and lots of great scenery.  Then we will need to think about getting everything packed, because our final day (Wednesday) is a half day (we will probably go to the International Antarctic Centre) before returning the camper and flying out at 16:00