I never really thought this through… but in retrospect, I should not have been surprised…. St Jude’s policy is effectively to only offer positions to the smartest of the smart of the poorest of the poor…. So even though I wasn’t expecting anything fancy.. the homes I visited today with Lachlan’s and Jordan’s sponsored kids were quite a shock…. We got a close and personal insight into “suburban” Arusha.

There are many smaller roads off the main roads, winding and weaving amongst a labyrinth of shops, plots of vegetables/bananas and houses….some surprising large, but many tiny and rundown.

Both the families we visited today were single mum families, living in single rooms – one without windows (but with power), one with a window – but no power. These “homes” were roughly 8ft – 10ft square and contained all the families meager possessions – they were scrupulously clean, and they clearly took great pride in their homes.

Both mum overwhelmingly proud of their child’s acceptance into St Jude’s and incredibly grateful for the opportunity it offered their families… They were incredibly happy, and were very pleased to welcome us into their homes – and offer us tea and a snack.