Today, Group One heads off to Kili…. An uncharacteristically quiet and sombre group laid out their packs and had an early breakfast.

I have mixed emotions watching my rafiki (friends) get ready to leave… Whilst I have no illusions that I could  make the climb myself physically, I am jealous of the camaraderie that will undoubtedly develop over the next 6 days…

Whilst this trek is not “dangerous” per se (every safety precaution had been addressed), it is still a massive challenge physically – but even more so mentally.

We have had a chance to speak to a number of climbers coming back off the mountain over the last few days…. There has been a bit of rain, and a bit of snow… but it has been icy cold, with biting cold winds.  Those who have summited before sunrise say it is way to cold to stay on top for more than a minute or two.

Most mornings since we arrived, the skies have been clear, and Kilimanjaro has risen majestically out of the surrounding countryside… but this morning the mountain is shrouded in cloud.. We all wish the group an awesome and happy climb and a safe return….