A reasonably full days traveling today – with lots of opportunities to stop along the way for a variety of very different photo opportunities :

Along the road

Travelling in Cambodia is always fascinating, there are a plethora of things going on all around – many of which seem odd or even bizarre.  The roads are packed with people going about their daily activities.  It is not unusual to see strange  things in the middle of nowhere – there for no apparent (to us) reason or purpose.  The roads are also lined with families going about their daily lives.  Here is but a brief selection of some of the things we encountered along the road today.

Kids Just Wanna Have Fun

Kids are everyhwere and always full of joy and life….They love nothing better than to ham it up for a photo (as long as they get to have a peek at it)… and odf course, when it is hot and wet, most activities involve playing in the water

Muslim Village

We made a special stop to visit a Muslim village… Nathan has been establishing a friendship with one of the local families, and despite initially being VERY shy of strangers with cameras…, over the months this village has become VERY friendly with many of the school kids being extremely enthusiastic about being involved.  There are still many of the adults and some of the kids who are still very shy though – peering from doorways and windows with curiosity but not venturing out.

Monks Lunch

We also managed to stop at a local temple to experience the Monks Lunch.  Every morning Buddhist monks wake early, say their prayers, have a very light meal and then head off around the local community gathering alms (food and money).  They bring back all the food, which is put together by nuns and helpers at the temple in preparation for their main meal of the day – the Monks lunch – which takes place at 11:00 every day.   They are not allowed to eat after midday.