Picked up the car with little incident and arrived in Thames, late afternoon- with the sun still blaring (it doesn’t set until 8:30ish), I had plenty of time to check in and give the town a once over.  It ois not all that big. I also managed to get some basic food in form the local Pick n Pay

I stopped by Burkes Wharf (which I had spotted on Google Maps before I even left Australia – and was largely the reason I decided to stay here), and it looked like an ideal spot for a time-lapse.  I also went up to a local monument perched on the hill and had a chat with some of the locals (who suggested I try Choromandel Town for Sunrise in the morning).

I had an awesome meal (Chicken and Cashew Salad with Raspberry dressing), and headed off for sunrise at the wharf.

Wasn’t an ideal  sunset… although was OK… but will have to wait until I get home to process into a timelapse movie…