I hoped to do some long exposure shots of the Perseid meteor shower last night, and got up a couple of times to check the weather , however it was overcast all night unfortunately… maybe tonight (last chance).

This morning we had a well deserved sleep in (to 8am – what a luxury), and a 3hr drive to Stung Treng – the capital of Stung Treng province,  and located on high sandy banks overlooking the Mekong river.  At the moment the only access from the north is via a far ferry, although a large bridge is currently under construction and expected to be complete in a year or so.

The plan this afternoon was to visit the Flooded Forest, but my stomach is still acting up and I didn’t relish the prospect of sitting in the bottom of a long  boat for an hour or two… so I chose to explore the city on my own a  little instead… (see also Cambodias Favourite form of Transport – The Motorbike)