Well maybe not the “latest” because as far as I can tell it has actually been worn for quiet some time… however, one of the more popular outfits to be seen on the streets of Cambodia (it doesn’t seem to matter whether it is in a city, village or rural), is a snappy little, matching trouser and blouse combination.

This trendy two piece number – usually worn with matching top and bottom (although some trend leaders have apparently been seen wearing combinations), is usually made from a bright patterned cotton fabric, with a button up blouse and drawstring waisted trousers.

Some fashionista cretins have suggested that these stunning outfits are really pyjamas !!! Which,… um …. is actually true… because they are pyjamas.

Khmer women in all of the areas we have so far visited can be seen wearing these outfits any time of day under virtually all situations … shopping, working, cleaning, at home, out and about… (although I can’t recall seeing any  in the fields).

All joking aside, these outfits are eminently suitable to the climate, they are light, comfortable, cheap, and protect you from the sun (which is a crucial factor for many young asian ladies not wanting a tan).  They are simply practical, and in true laid back Cambodian style, it it feels right, do it.