Day 3 – Dunedin – Chocolate & Wildlife

Busy day today… 1st up was the obligatory tour of the Cadbury Chocolate Factory . we were on the first tour of the day and it was fabulous.  Love the smell of chocolate in the morning…  Very interesting tour of how they make it all (although we couldn’t take cameras) – plenty of free samples along the way too :-). There were a few NZ only types of chocolate too… including their best seller – a chocolate coated marshmallow fish.  The boys were raving about this tour and thought it was the “best ever”… That is until we did the next tour … which topped it.

Natures Wondesr ArgoAfter Cadburys we drove out to Otago Peninsula for a wildlife tour with Natures Wonders and got driven around the headlands in an 8 wheeler  Argo- awesome fun.  We got up close and personal with Blue Penguins, NZ Fur Seals, Sheep (with new born lambs), a whole bunch of different birds… and lots and lots of dust and muddy puddles.

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  1. glen

    I realise I should be looking up to see how long you have in each place. The wildlife tour sounds great – Is it it far out of town. I notice that you didn’t say you are tired today so I guess you are overnighting there and it has been a day with f ewer demands and responsibilities. What about Dunedin which is it like – how big. You see I am big on georgraphy and history they are the structures that I pin things other than art on.
    Sharemarket went down today.
    Good night,

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